Three Ways to Make a Good Impression

So you downloaded the app, found the job and walked through the door. We’ve helped you with the easy part. Now you’re eye to eye with your potential next boss and it’s up to you to land the job.  Here are a few tips that’ll prepare you to make a good impression and give you an edge on getting hired.

  1. Read the job description
    This sounds obvious. But really read the job description so you can speak to it during the interview. Whether the job description is a simple two liner or a detailed novel, there’s always something you can touch on during your conversation. Have a few points ready that you are prepared to discuss. Talk about how your previous experiences match the business of that’s hiring. Mention how you’ve worked with the same equipment or tools like “I notice that you use Open Table. I used to manage all dinner reservations at my last job.”

    Walk in interviews can be a 5-minute meet and greet to submit an application or it can be a much longer conversation with a staging opportunity. Make the most out of the time you get to make an impression by speaking directly to what the employer is looking for.

  2. Follow the instructions to apply
    Nothing makes a bad first impression like not following the instructions to apply. Showing up at the wrong time or days of open calls can really handicap your chances from the start. Restaurant jobs often have really specific instructions like applying at the hostess station or entering the through the delivery bay. Know if there is a specific person you are suppose to ask for.

    If you are planning to interview at multiple openings on the same day, plan your timing accordingly. As a rule of thumb always have copies of resume on hand.

  3. Show that you want the job
    You may be pounding the pavement with our app and really hitting every potential employer on the map. It can be exhausting and the conversations may feel redundant. But you need to treat every door you walk through like it’s an important opportunity. Look people in the eyes. Show that you are there to beat the competition. It’s a complete waste of time to walk into an interview and just go through the motions. Employers can sense positive energy as well as indifference. Your attitude may be the deciding factor.

There you have it. We at Just Walk In believes that people who wants to work deserves to work. Good luck with your job hunt. As always, contact us with any questions you may have.