Streamlining the Hiring Process

The restaurant industry of large cities like San Francisco or New York are experiencing an unintended consequence of a robust economy. The steady rise of employment has pushed up the cost of living; especially in markets with an educated workforce. Such prosperity has made it difficult to support restaurant staffs. Case in point, the annual salary of a line cook in the San Francisco Bay Area have risen from $28,000 to $36,000 since the recession of 2009. However, in that same period of time, the cost of housing has risen by over 60%. In a city that has always been expensive, the continuous rise in cost of living is pushing restaurant workers into other fields of work or moving into less costly areas.

Add to these economics conditions with new health insurance mandates and the employment options of a robust job market, employers are finding it difficult to fill restaurant staffing demands. Restauranteurs have been offering signing bonuses, meal stipends and increasing benefits to compete for the ever shrinking talent pool.

Employers would also benefit from speeding up the hiring process. The laws of first movers apply to both employers and job hunters. The sooner applicants come through the door, the more likely an employer can fill open positions.

Just Walk In is a job market that can streamline the hiring process. JWI is re-inventing the HELP WANTED sign by creating a location based job market. The sitting and waiting exchange of online applicants and employers is eliminated with a platform where job hunters can apply for jobs in person.

The JWI platform is a complete system for employers to create and manage job postings through web and mobile apps. Applicants can job hunter through the mobile app to locate openings that they can apply for in real time. The job hunters can literally pound the pavement and get their foot in the door with a map view of openings in their proximity.

JWI is currently serving the San Francisco job market and the New York job market. We can’t add to the talent pool, but we are giving employers an edge by speeding up the hiring process.